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About Me
My name is Lou Gubernatis, born in 1940 in Baltimore, MD.  Except for my time I spent in Germany, (1962-1964), I've spent most of my life in Baltimore.

My Aunt Marie and Uncle Ed brought my parents and I to Braddock Heights several times.  They ran the Penny Arcade, Bowling Alley, the "Blue Mountain Railroad" and the Telescope on top of the Observation Tower.

I rode the train all the time, rode the pony's, Carousel and played a lot of the machines in the Penny Arcade.  I was even a pinboy at the bowling alley.  I was in Lane #1 by the windows.  Above I'm pointing to the window I used to sit in between pin settings.  There was a pedal on the floor you stepped on, which raised pins under the alley to set the bowling pins on for alignment.

The last time I was up there as a child, 1954/1955, they had added a Ferris Wheel and some kiddie rides in the area between the Carousel and the Roller Rink.  Due to some kind of silly family squabble, we were never invited back again.  To this day I don't know what it was all about.

Though my visits were brief, and few between, Braddock Heights left an indelible impression on me.
Through the years, I'd think back on those good times.  Though time has erased the names of the kids I hung around with, I still remember them.  The only name I remember is "Biddie", the "engineer" of the "Blue Mountain" train.

When I was a pin boy, after we finished work, we'd all jump into the back of my Uncle's Chevy truck, "Billy", and drive down to Frederick to the "Freezer Fresh" soft ice cream stand and get a banana boat for 50 cents.  It was in a glass boat that you kept.  Or maybe an ice cream cone.

After my Aunt & Uncle passed away, I started to think of Braddock seriously.  I think it was in the late 70's or early 80's that I took my wife up to see Braddock Heights.  We were only there for about an hour.

The Dance Hall was still there, in good shape, the observation tower was pretty well destroyed,  the Little Theater was collapsed.  The area was pretty clear, and now there was a radio tower on the mountain top.  The Pony Ride was covered with weeds, and the Carousel building was collapsed.
The only thing really operating was the Roller Rink.  I didn't check the pool this time up.

I'll add other stories, either here or on other pages related to the pictures.

Check back often......